You’ll get the best of both worlds: The capabilities of an industry-leading flexible bags supplier, combined with the dedicated service of professional design.

When you partner with Himmers, you have access to almost any bag format with one supplier. This means you get your product faster, with complete control throughout the process

So what would our work process be with you?


The informational meeting includes the product manager communicating with the design team the type of product you want, its applications, communicating with the purchasing team your target price and quantity, communicating with the testing team the overall appearance of the product, its weather.

During this discussion, we will present the first design instructions on shape, size, materials, and colors.

Our intention is that at the end of this meeting you can have a better idea of how you can move forward with your project and you can decide whether or not you want to advance along this path with us.


Fee: US $ 100 to US $ 400 depending on your product

These documents follow up on the initial briefing and finalize your project on paper. They can be used to make a formal presentation or start a sampling.

They include:

Technical drawings to scale in black and white, following the exact dimensioning and showing all the construction details necessary for the precise realization of the real sample. They show front and side views of the product, as well as the rear panel.

A color chart showing selected colors and materials. This can come with material samples, reference images, sketches, etc.

Logo design service is available and charged separately.

Once you're happy with a final sketch and your choice of materials, we'll move on to prototyping.


Sampling for global productions in our DingYuan-AnHui workshop:

Fee: $ 100 - $ 200 per style depending on the size and complexity of the product + shipping the sample to its destination at your expense.

Sampling costs will be reimbursed when ordering for an order quantity greater than 200 pcs / style •

Sampling in YiWu (only for expected orders over 500 pcs / style):

Fee: US $ 50 - US $ 100 per style + sample shipping to the destination at your expense.

Sampling costs will be reimbursed when ordering for an order quantity greater than 800 pcs / style

We can move on to the second round of prototypes if changes are needed, fees will be discussed depending on the changes applied.

With each set of prototypes, we will quote you an updated wholesale price so you know where you are going.


Once the prototypes are approved, you can place the order.

Here are the top pieces of information about manufacturing order processing with us.

Price: The wholesale price will be based on our quotes sent to you at the prototyping stage.

Delivery time: orders usually need between 20 and 90 days to manufacture + shipping time to their destination

Payment terms: our usual terms are 30% when the order is placed and a balance of 70% when the goods are shipped.

Quality Control: You can request a third-party QC on your products before shipment or we can send you our own QC report for your review along with a production sample. Since we are checking the quality of the products online, we can also send you photos of your products online if you want.

Certifications: If your brand requires a certain certification, please let us know.

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