How are Himmers bags made?

Starting your company's first bag project with Himmers is an exciting thing, 

we help you with reference with this simple guide that will outline every aspect of the bag manufacturing process that leads to the delivery of your bag stage.

Bags manufacturing follows certain rules and each stage cannot be completed until the previous stage is completed.

Our experienced team in Yiwu, Zhejiang is a group of people who have been making bags for decades.

Whether you have a clear design or just a vague concept of bags, our team can bring it to life.

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1. Sketch or reference

Himmers' bag projects all start with a sketch or another bag as a reference that includes bag inspiration and preferences.

You can send us a basic bag sketch with notes explaining what you're looking for and we can formally sketch it for you, adding professional advice and alternatives if necessary.

If you just want to copy an existing bag, please send it to us, our bag production team in Yiwu has the ability to copy any bag.

At this stage, both of us need to have a basic definition of the package. What is its purpose? Who will use it? What is the approximate budget for this project? When is the delivery date?

This is the basis of everything, helping us to determine the best bag fabrics and scientifically plan the production methods.

2. Selection of fabrics and accessories

We need to confirm the appearance of the bag, the size of the bag, how the bag is closed, whether there are handles or shoulder straps, then the length of the strap, what type of fabric will the strap is made of.

Are there one or two straps, are they fixed or adjustable length, and are they removable?

Fabric selection will depend on the purpose of the bag and your budget. You can use eco-friendly material as an eco-friendly bag, or choose insulating material as an ice bag, you can choose the gram weight of the fabric according to your budget, the heavier and thicker the fabric, the more expensive it will be.

Hardware is also considered at this stage. Do I need a button to close the bag? Need a metal nameplate?

When all optional elements are confirmed, we can quote your item based on the fabrics and accessories required for the bag and the number of units you want to order with details.

3. Paper mold

The design of the bag has been created

Now that you have determined what your package should look like, the size and structure of the package is determined.

This project quote will also be approved and you have paid the deposit to start your project.

Once the project is launched, we will make a paper mold of the bag, calculate the exact splicing positions, measure the data, and provide seam allowances. Allocate locations for accessories such as zippers and buttons.

4. Handmade samples

Before starting the line to make the bags, we make physical samples of the bags. It is handcrafted by our professional sample makers. She makes samples of two bags, as well as other accessories you need to choose and use your bag.

When we have made the bags, we will send one of them to you by courier.

This sample allows you to see the actual bag. When you receive it, you can show it to your customers to get their feedback.

It's worth noting that this sample is handcrafted, not mass-produced on the production line, which can lead to slight differentiation. It is also important that the fabric or hardware used for the sample is the same model but not the same batch as the bag produced on the line. They will be slightly different and accessories may also be slightly different as it is sourced in larger batches for full production, this hand sample is carefully sewn by our sample makers and usually, the quality is better than the batch in every way production sample.

About printing and dyeing

Generally, dyeing fabrics can take 6-8 weeks. If you didn't have to wait that long,

We will do color matching in Yiwu's strong supply chain system after receiving the Pantone color you send. The selected fabric swatches will then be sent to you from which you will choose your favorite color, it is entirely up to you.

5. Sample modification

Sometimes at this stage you will have some changes of ideas and we will make some small tweaks to make the final package match your ideas.

The size or depth of the pockets on the bag, adding or subtracting internal compartments to better organize the contents.

In the rare event that the bag is not correct the first time, we will make the sample again. For example, if we get it wrong, then again we will make samples for free.

If you want to make major changes to the functionality of the package, then we may charge you for a second proof.

6. Calculate fabric and purchase by quantity

After the sample is confirmed, our purchasing staff will calculate the fabric and make the purchase,

The fabric is accurately calculated according to the paper mold, and other details are also refined.

If the bag has a zipper, calculate the length of the zipper and purchase by quantity. If the zipper matches Pantone, then it will be produced at this stage. If the bag has other metal fittings, then they will start their own production process, ready to be assembled in the final bag sewing. The fabric is sourced and sent back to the factory, ready to be cut at the next stage.

7. Preparation

When we receive fabrics for bulk orders, a pattern template is created for the cutters, and the fabrics are then cut and monitored by team members.

This guarantees accuracy and consistency across all bags.

The bag may be made up of many parts, so each part will be cut to size, and each panel has multiple anchor points for precise stitching together.

8. Production line planning

Consider the number of products in the order, the steps involved in sewing the bag, the time it takes to print or dye, and the delivery time. Combined with the shipping address, we'll plan the line, determine when the order needs to be packed, check for quality control, and sew the bags together.

As your project is complete, other bag projects will come together at different stages of the process, so our production managers take all of this into consideration when putting your work into production.

10. bag assembly & quality control

At this stage, all the accessories of the bags have arrived at the factory and started to enter the production line for assembly,

The bag assembly team at the Himmers factory will work together to complete the process, each of them having a blueprint for a bag and a template to follow.

Every element they are responsible for has a best practice example to follow and will make sure the part they are working on is exactly the same as that example.

At this stage, the quality control manager will continuously check the bags on the production line to initially check whether the production process is normal.

13. Quality Control

Final inspection before packing and shipping

When all the bags are made, we start the final quality control check.

Our quality control team will conduct spot checks according to the checklist.

A random portion of bags is taken from a completed order and inspected to ensure that the bags meet the specifications described.

15. Packaging & Shipping

As the bags go through the ironing and inspection stages, they are packed to order specifications. Bags will be placed in pre-sized cardboard shipping cartons for shipping.

Generally speaking, we will choose sea freight to transport bulk goods, sea freight can greatly reduce your cost, and the estimated delivery time is 30-50 days.

Himmers is a professional company that crafts the best bags. The leading advantages of the platform are the convenience, an opportunity to bespoke the necessary item, custom designs, and unique products made in China.

Request a quote now and our product specialists will start working on options for your custom project!


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