Himmers Foldable Insulated Picnic Basket Easy Storage Compact Design Wine Picnic Basket

With 8.5 gallons of storage capacity, this picnic basket is perfect for storing your on-the-go essentials. 

It can save you from having to carry multiple bags and containers and lighten your burden. 

Whether for picnics, outdoor activities or daily use, this picnic basket can meet your needs and provide enough storage space. 

It's designed to be portable and fits easily into your vehicle or backpack. 

Enjoy a more convenient carrying and storage experience, making your life easier and more comfortable.

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Tired of carrying multiple bags and containers everywhere? The 8.5-gallon storage capacity for this picnic basket is perfect for storing all your essential on-the-go necessities.

The Superior Quality Insulating Material used in this picnic basket will ensure that your frozen drinks, grilled meats, and fresh salads are nice and fresh for hours, bringing the freshest dishes to every outdoor event. 

The extra-thick high-quality insulating fabric lining is guaranteed to protect your food from dust and germs. 

The extra strong material handle lightens the overall weight of the basket while providing strong support to the basket. 

The rugged fabric exterior is capable of withstanding almost all outdoor conditions. 

Give it to your customers and co-workers as a holiday gift.


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