Premium PU Leather Messenger Bag: Lightweight and Waterproof, Meet Daily Travel Needs

Premium PU Leather Messenger Bag: Lightweight and Waterproof, Meet Daily Travel Needs

This messenger bag is made of high-quality PU leather, which is soft and delicate, light and waterproof, and easy to clean. It has a main zipper pocket (with two pockets inside) for daily travel needs such as wallet, cell phone, keys, cosmetics and more. There are also two exterior compartments for checkbooks, passports, receipts. 

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The length of the shoulder strap is adjustable, and the wide shoulder strap design reduces the pressure on the shoulders. It can be disassembled into a clutch bag, hanging bag or cosmetic bag. 

The size is compact and lightweight, suitable for daily carrying, and the internal capacity is large enough. After customizing the logo, it becomes the first choice for brand custom promotional items. 

Basic Information
  • Year Established
  • Business Type
    Manufacturing Industry
  • Country / Region
  • Main Industry
    Luggage & Travel Bags
  • Main Products
  • Enterprise Legal Person
    David Wen
  • Total Employees
    16~100 people
  • Annual Output Value
  • Export Market
    Chinese Mainland,European Union,Middle East,Eastern Europe,Africa,Oceania,Hong Kong and Macao and Taiwan,Japan,Southeast Asia,Others
  • Cooperated Customers
    ADM, Renner, Levi's, Smiggle, Coca-Cola, Etc.
Company Profile
Himmers has been designing / manufacturing bags for global brands since 2003.
We take care of all steps, including design, sampling, fabrication, quality control, and shipping.
No matter your order large or small, your products are professional or Popular.
Whether it is Leather, artificial leather, cloth, woven materials, plastics, and special functional materials, etc.
We can handle them perfectly.
In recent years, with people's attention to environmental protection and the improvement of relevant laws and regulations, Himmers factory is working hard to reduce carbon emissions:
1: Improve production efficiency and establish a new environmentally friendly production system
2: Explore and use recyclable/biodegradable raw materials,
3: Actively obtain environmental certification such as FSC, ISO 14001
4: Provide customers with effective environmental protection alternatives
Himmers plans to reduce carbon emissions from production by 50% by 2030 and achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2060.
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